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Make your next party a slam dunk!

Published: 29 Oct 2014
Make your next party a slam dunk!

Whether you spent the summer following the FIFA World Cup from your desk, glued to the couch watching NFL, or doing something, um, not-sports related, gearing up for a smokin’ basketball season should get your engines revved.

At Dickey’s, we’re big basketball fans too and we know how to throw a party. As you prepare for your next B-Ball party, here are some helpful tips for throwing a fun and festive event. Get pumped to start wearing jerseys and scream at the TV, all while getting sauced (barbecue sauce that is).


  • Check Your Local Listings: Check in advance to make sure you’re set to go!  There are times when the team you’re rooting for isn’t airing on your local television station.
  • Create a NBA Atmosphere: OK, so decorating isn't exactly your thing, but everyone loves a theme. Grab some hoops-themed plates, napkins, cups, banners (party stores are sure to have it all)--anything that give the home court vibe.
  • Shoot and Score with the Food: It’s not a party without Dickey’s Barbecue!  Our family packs and catering options are perfect for your basketball watch parties. Our XL Family Pack offers 3 pounds of meat, 4 medium sides, 8 rolls & barbecue sauce. Have a bigger party? No problem. Our delivery buffet will provide 10 or more of your football crazed fans the perfect meal for a night of basketball.


Have a great time rooting for your team on game day!